Cylindrical Grinding Wheels

Cylindrical Grinding Wheels

The cylindrical grinding wheels is used to shape the object which may or may not be cylindrical in shape having an axis of rotation.And of course cylindrical grinding stone rotates by motorized attachment to overcome moment of inertia and rotate it at desired speed. The work-piece may be conical as special farm cylindrical wheels are used for grinding works which are held between centre & chucks.

From automotive industry to military application, high precision grinding largely depends on cylindrical grinding. Any job cylindrical in shape, which needs to be sized or grinded by micron , has to be machined on a cylindrical grinder machine to grind it –

  1. On OD – Here sizing is required on outer diameter of job and hence grinding is done on O.D. of the job.
  2. On ID – Here sizing is required on internal diameter of the job and hence grinding is done on the I.D. of the job.

Cylindrical grinding wheel selection has to be done from many grinding wheel types. A variety of wheels are available to suit the requirement of different industries .

  1. Plain wheel – Here the wheel used is plain on both the surfaces.
  2. ROS – Here wheel has recess on one side to fit on the flange.
  3. RBS – Here wheel has recess on both the sides.

Usually the bore or the inner diameter of the cylindrical wheels is 127 mm or more and thickness of the wheel varies from 6 mm to 90 mm.

We do have a wide range of cylindrical grinding wheels and selection has to be made on basis of Grinding wheel codes.Cylindrical wheels are also used on component as surface grinding wheel for stainless steel material including

  1. 304
  2. 310
  3. 410
  4. 420

These wheels are used to get the fastest production with line surface finish. These wheels are used in various application including grinding crankshaft, transmission shaft, eye bolts, pins valves, plunger etc. We use best pre – fired aluminium oxide grain for producing cylindrical wheels, giving light blue coloured wheels, rather than gray conventional wheels. Type 6 and Type 11 are used as tool room grinding wheel for grinding HSS and stainless steel material.

The bonds which have been specially developed for precision grinding wheels are used for their production , which runs cool enough to avoid cooling / cutting oils used by the consumer .Apart from it, these bonds do not overheat the job and hence gives the desired finish and cutting simultaneously. Moreover, the per component cost is much lower than that of the other precision grinding wheels available in the market

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